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The AMA Pro Motocross Championship is the premier motocross racing event in the United States, featuring some of the most talented professional riders from around the world. With a thrilling mix of high-speed jumps and technical turns, it's no wonder why thousands of fans come out each year to cheer on their favorite competitors. But what's even more exciting is that the AMA Pro Motocross Championship is about to kick off its upcoming races, with some of the biggest names in the sport ready to battle it out for the championship title. From the opening race in California to the finale in Florida, this year's AMA Pro Motocross Championship is sure to be an epic spectacle.

With a host of talented riders and exciting courses, this year's championship is sure to provide fans with plenty of thrills, spills, and edge-of-your-seat action. Whether you're a die-hard motocross enthusiast or just curious to see what all the hype is about, make sure you don't miss out on this year's AMA Pro Motocross Championship. So get ready for some heart-stopping action as the AMA Pro Motocross Championship gears up for its upcoming races. From dirt-filled courses to intense competition, this year's championship promises to deliver an experience like no other!AMA Pro Motocross Championship consists of 12 rounds, with each round taking place at a different location in the US.

The championship begins in May and runs through August. Each round consists of two motos, with riders competing on a variety of natural terrain courses. Riders are scored based on their finish position in each moto, with a rider's overall score for the round being calculated based on their combined moto scores. At each round, riders compete for championship points that count towards the overall championship standings.

The rider with the most points at the end of the season is crowned champion. There is also an overall 250 class champion and an overall 450 class champion, determined by points accumulated in those respective classes. The upcoming races in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship are sure to be some of the most exciting yet. The first round will take place on May 8th at Fox Raceway in Pala, California, followed by rounds at Thunder Valley in Colorado, High Point in Pennsylvania, and RedBud in Michigan. Other rounds include Unadilla in New York, Washougal in Washington, Spring Creek in Minnesota, and Ironman Raceway in Indiana. In addition to the regular rounds of racing, there are also two special events: the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Shootout and the Monster Energy Cup.

The Shootout is a one-day event featuring a special course designed for close racing. The Monster Energy Cup is a three-moto event that features some of the world's best riders competing for a $1 million purse.


Spectators are always welcome at AMA Pro Motocross Championship races! Each event offers an exciting experience with plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Spectators can expect to see thrilling high-flying jumps, tight turns, and plenty of exciting racing action. For those looking to make a day of it, there are also food vendors, souvenir stands, and other fun activities available. The AMA Pro Motocross Championship is a great way to get up close and personal with your favorite riders.

You can cheer them on from the stands, or get an autograph or two after the race. Whether you're a die-hard motocross fan or just looking for a fun day out, the AMA Pro Motocross Championship is sure to provide an entertaining experience for all.

Riders to Watch

While all of the riders competing in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship are incredibly skilled and talented, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

Eli Tomac

is one of the top riders to watch, as he has been one of the most successful racers over the past few years. He won both titles in 2020 and is looking to repeat his success this year.

Other riders to watch include Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb, Marvin Musquin, Zach Osborne, and Blake Baggett. Each of these riders has had success at some point in their careers, and fans should keep an eye on them as they battle for the championship title. The upcoming AMA Pro Motocross Championship races promise to be some of the most thrilling and exciting yet! With top riders from around the world competing for championship points and titles, spectators will be in for a real treat. Be sure to follow along with all the action and excitement as it unfolds!AMA Pro Motocross Championship, Upcoming Races, Riders, Spectators.